Making the things that are good for you easier at midlife.

Move better, feel better and live better with an at-home pilates and wellbeing programme that flexes around YOU and your hormones.

Building a healthy and sustainable habit at midlife has never been so easy!

Struggling to define self care for yourself at midlife?

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Meet Julie.

Life gets busy, I know that. 

And when it comes to starting that new healthy habit, that little bit of TLC your body and mind is crying out for, it goes to the ‘I’ll try it next week’ side of your list.

And then next week roll’s around……and then the next and then the next.

Seems almost impossible to do something good for yourself these days, right?

But what if there was a different way to make progress with that new healthy habit?  One that allowed you to not only get started, but to keep going.

That’s why I created The Lifetonic Club. Our mission is to make the things that are good for you easy and sustainable, so as your health doesn’t become a toss up between all that life throws at you and looking after your own body and mind.

You deserve to feel your healthiest every day.

Introducing The Lifetonic Club

The Lifetonic Club is an online pilates and wellness membership that is supporting woman to build a resilient body and mind for midlife and beyond. 

You’ll join a growing community of like-minded woman who are using short yet effective pilates routines to strengthen their bodies, improve their energy levels and restore their minds in as little as 10 minutes a day.

An approach that allows you to stay on track with your own health in a way that’s not only realistic but sustainable during one of the most challenging stages of your life.


Experience all the benefits of pilates in a truly sustainable way.

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