4 Tips for a better at-home workout

Whether you’re a member of The Lifetonic Club, have downloaded one of my free resources or follow along on my YouTube channel, today I’m sharing a few quick tips to help you stay on track with an at-home workout.

a pilates mat set up for an at-home workout.

Why pilates is perfect for an at-home workout

Unlike other types of fitness programmes, pilates lends itself particularly well to an at home environment because it’s uniquely non-competitive and also encourages you to be full of mindfulness on the mat, which means that you don’t necessarily need to lean on the support of others in the moment.

Outside of that, we have our TLC Facebook Community Group where we connect for support, motivation and inspiration.  This is a wonderful community who will cheer you every step of the way to reach your pilates goals!

So whether you’re just getting started with an at-home workout practice, or have been at it for a while and are looking for some extra motivation to set yourself up for success, the tips below will help you to stay on track and get the results you signed up for!

Tip #1: Wear what you feel most comfortable in

The beauty of home workouts is you don’t have to get dressed in the latest activewear to get on the mat!  You can wear whatever you want!

I’ve been known to work out in my pajamas and you’ll often see me on Instagram sneaking in 10 minutes of pilates here and there in my jeans!

Some days jeans are fine but on other days changing into actual workout clothes gives me a boost that encourages me to show up with more intention and focus on my mat.

Remember in The Lifetonic Club we’re on the mat to tune into how we feel, so pay attention to this during your workouts, and choose to wear something that works best for you!

And definitely don’t be fooled by the influencers on Instagram who make it look as though you need to have dropped several thousands of pounds in Sweaty Betty to ‘look’ the part.

You don’t.

Tip #2: Create at-home workout triggers

In The Lifetonic Club I talk a lot about using triggers to help motivate and encourage you to get on the mat.  These can be especially useful with an at-home practice.

I often encourage our members to try and create a small space that they use just for their pilates practice.  This space can act as your visual trigger to get on the mat.

The more you do pilates in this space, the more you associate this space with pilates. This can serve as a powerful way to ‘anchor’ the practice in your brain and help you to develop the habit of getting on your mat.

And if that doesn’t work for you, you can also just keep your mat rolled up somewhere you can see it. This is something I’ve done for years to remind me that those positive, feel good vibes are only a 15 minute workout away.

And this isn’t just a crazy idea – research shows that if you are looking to integrate a new habit into your life, then you need to make the cue, (in this case your mat), a big part of your environment.


Tip #3: Think simplicity

It’s easy to think that you need all kinds of equipment at home to get a good workout but that simply isn’t true! We’ve found in The Lifetonic Club that the more simple you keep your routine, the more likely you are to stay consistent – and consistency leads to results.

Nearly all of the workouts within The Lifetonic Club use your bodyweight to build strength and don’t require expensive equipment or an elaborate set up.

So if you want to stick with your routine for more than a few days – keep it simple.


Tip #4: Have a plan

In The Lifetonic Club, members benefit from a clear plan and calendar to follow from home, helping them to skip decision fatigue.  When you are busy and feeling a little low on energy, not having a plan can be a real barrier to getting on your mat at home.

Also, a quick search on YouTube and Instagram will pull up thousands of free workouts and it’s hard to know where to start (and also who’s qualified to teach what!).

Each month in TLC, I put a calendar together so as members know what to do each day, how long they are going to need and how they can track their results.  

If you’re a member of The Lifetonic Club, then you’ll also benefit from the coaching I provide inside our private Facebook Group.  I go live  2 to 3 times a week where I teach you all about movement, motivation and mindset.   All the things that I love and that help drive a successful at home practice that’s going to get you those all important results. 

I’m also working towards both my qualification in stress management and wellbeing and my Level 4 pilates (always busy!), so I’m in the Group regularly sharing ALL my learnings to help you build strength, lower those stress levels and help you feel great in ways that will bring about those long term results.

Ready to build your own at-home practice? 

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I’ll see you on your mat soon

Love Julie x

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