How To Elevate Your Self Talk with Leadership Coach Natalie Hendricks

Last week I was delighted to host a live fireside chat with leadership coach, Natalie Hendricks.

I was introduced to Natalie through a member of The Lifetonic Club, who urged us to get together because she believed the work that we do was so closely aligned and that we were missing a trick by not doing some work together!   

And she was right! 

Natalie is just as passionate as I am in helping and supporting woman to be the healthiest version of themselves and has over 15 years of experience working in leadership development, helping and empowering women to be their most authentic and confident selves; after meeting Natalie, there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to share her expert knowledge and experience with our community.

Our first collaboration worked to support the Mindtonic Pillar of The Lifetonic Club (incase you didn’t know, TLC is made up of 3 wellbeing pillars: – Bodytonic – how you’re moving your body; Mindtonic – how you’re thinking; and Lifetonic – how well you’re living).

And our subject was all around helping woman to elevate their self talk!

Negative self talk is something that I see showing up time and time again whenever I work with woman (which is over 4 years now).  

A lot of these thoughts are subconscious, which makes them pretty tricky to overcome.  They can definitely create obstacles to getting on your mat and can keep you stuck, meaning you are often unable to successfully create new habits or reach new goals.

Our thoughts are incredibly powerful and can literally shape our actions, and therefore our lives and you might be surprised to learn that this is the aspect of my wellbeing I work on the most.

Our thoughts also happen to be the foundation for confidence (or a lack thereof). This is an incredibly important, and much overlooked aspect of health; to make progress with ANY goals – health, work, relationships – you must be able to take control over your thoughts.

Consider in this moment the thoughts you have about yourself and your own wellbeing:  

  • are they helpful, supportive and encouraging or do they tend to verge more towards the ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I don’t have the right outfit / set up / body’ way of thinking (all rooted in limiting self beliefs)

  • Do you constantly go from on the wagon to off the wagon, unable to take meaningful action towards becoming a healthier version of yourself?

  • Do you have the confidence to trust yourself when it comes to making progress with your own wellbeing?

This conversation was in support of a lot of our members who have expressed these very thoughts and who, before they joined The Lifetonic Club, sometimes felt they were not making the progress they should be with their health and wellbeing goals.

In the session Natalie shared:

  • What a limiting self belief is
  • Helped us to understand how to overcome the thoughts that are holding us back and to trust ourselves more
  • Shared a few simple and practical techniques for taking bold action in our life to help us reach our goals and move forward

The 3 main takeaways for me were:

  1. why thoughts are not facts
  2. why self awareness is so important when it comes to your thoughts & how to develop this
  3. How you flip limiting self beliefs to a more empowered and supportive inner voice to help you achieve your goals

I truly believe that every female should step into their midlife with power, grace and ease; you will not find a more important decade of your life where confidence and learning how to trust and talk to yourself with compassion is essential to make sure you do not become crippled by rising anxiety and overwhelming feelings caused by the perimenopause / menopause.

This session was a BONUS session and only available to members of our TLC community but because I love to share and help as many like minded woman as I can,  I also gave one lady, outside of our membership, the chance to join  our live conversation by sending me a DM over on Instagram with ONE limiting self belief she feels is holding her back in her health journey, which is just how I love to do business; woman supporting woman.

Do give us a follow for more opportunities like this: @thelifetoniclub

The feedback from our community has been fantastic with one member commenting:

That was brilliant…… I feel like I want to take on the world!

Lisa, TLC Member

I’m already planning our next live fireside chat and it’s not the last time you’ll see Natalie and I in action together either….so stay tuned for that!

Sending TLC to your small corner of the world,

And in the words of Natalie, be brave, be bold!

Love Julie x

Connect with Natalie:

Instagram: @Iamnataliehendricks

Facebook: Natalie Hendricks

Follow this link to explore Natalie’s FREE tools & resources for brave, bold females

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