It’s time to put yourself on your own to-do list

Welcome to a pilates membership that supports you no matter how busy life gets.

The Lifetonic Club is an online community of woman using simple and efficient at home pilates works outs to strengthen their body, lower stress levels and boost their energy in ways that fit neatly into their day and easily into their life, meaning their health no longer has to be an afterthought.

The problem

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re always busy? You’re always doing? You’re always saying yes when you really mean no? You have a habit of prioritising other people’s needs over your own? You’re always “on”? Working, checking emails, responding to DMs, organising, sorting everything and everyone but yourself? More often than not you feel tired and don’t have time to get on top of that back ache. Guess what, that used to be me too.

You never have any time for yourself

You’re so busy caught up in the push and pull of life, the being and doing, that your health is permanently on the back burner. Stress, burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion, chronic pain are all the things bubbling just beneath the line: “I don’t have time” and yet that’s the line that most often comes out your mouth when you’re trying to find that pocket of time to do something good for yourself.

You struggle to stay consistent

Being busy can make staying consistent with your health and fitness a big challenge. You struggle to find a starting point and then when you finally do, you struggle to find the time, motivation and inspiration to prioritise your health on an ongoing basis. You start and stop only making yourself feel even worse for not staying on top of things.

You constantly feel low on energy

The one size fits all approach to fitness
that you’re following is actually leaving you exhausted, worn out and knackered instead of strong, healthy and energised as you struggle to find a realistic routine or workout programme that can flex around how busy life gets and that actually gives back instead of taking away.

We can help

What if you could


Find a wellbeing approach that gave you the freedom to prioritse your health every single day?


Find a plan you could stick to for the long term and that allowed you to shape your health in a way that was meaningful to you?


Find a fitness routine that actually filled your cup instead of draining it, meaning you could feel your best every single day?


Meet a community of like m inded people that could support and inspire you to treat yourself well on AND off the mat?

It’s time to put yourself on your own to-do list

Introducing The Lifetonic Club

The LifeTonic Club is an online pilates and wellness membership that is helping you to stay fit and healthy in ways that fit neatly into your day and easily into your life, making it super easy to stay motivated, consistent and inspired for the long road. In The Lifetonic Club you’ll join a growing community of busy woman using simple and effective at home pilates workouts to strengthen their body and mind, in as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day. The Lifetonic approach also supports you with tiny health tonics that will super charge your wellbeing OFF the mat. PLUS you’ll also get incredible support and encouragement from like minded woman in our private Facebook community.



A fresh pilates workout every month, as well as access to an existing library of 100+ members only pilates workouts.  You’ll also benefit from a monthly calendar where your pilates routines are all pre-planned, helping you to stay consistent and navigate decision fatigue. 



Forgotten how to truly relax? Access a selection of short Guided Relaxations from our Mindtonic Library.  Created for us by leading mindfulness and meditation teacher Andrew Johnson, you’ll learn progressive muscle relaxation techniques, to help restore your mind & body to peace and calm.



This is a monthly resource to elevate your wellbeing journey OFF the mat. It includes hints, tips and links to other resources and usually a few positive action points for you to implement in your own life.


Recipe Pack

A seasonal, plant based, monthly recipe pack that’s delicious, nutritional, good for the planet and good for YOU!  Recipes are anti-inflammatory and have been designed to keep your body in balance.  The packs are created exclusively for us by BANT Registered Nutritionist Moira Newiss and are allergen friendly.



Access to The Lifetonic Club private community Facebook Group – you’ll get all the encouragement and support from an incredibly inspiring group of people. Use this group to connect, ask questions, find an accountability buddy or cheer someone else on!



Exclusive live pilates workouts & coaching sessions with me, Q&As + other resources designed to help keep you motivated, inspired and encouraged on your wellbeing journey.



Your Lifetonic Quickstart Guide which will show you how to build a flexible wellness routine that truly works for YOU and YOUR lifestyle.

Ready to experience all the benefits of pilates in a sustainable way?

Then join The Lifetonic Club


Our Happy Members

Meet Your Pilates Teacher

Hi I’m Julie, I’m a pilates teacher and live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I developed The Lifetonic Club in response to the number of woman I was teaching that were struggling to stick with their pilates practice because of their busy schedules.

They would come to ease aches and pains in their body, feel amazing that they’d discovered something that could be so beneficial to their body and mind, but then struggled to keep it up.

The Lifetonic Club was created to help those struggling clients build consistency and is a roadmap to a truly sustainable pilates practice. It is built around the proven principle, that small things often are a far more effective way to stay consistent, motivated and invested in your health for the long run.

Watch as these tiny tonics of wellness start to show up in your routines and habits, everyday, unnoticed, transforming how you feel, think & move.

It truly is simple wellbeing, for busy living

Ready to experience all the benefits of pilates in a totally do-able way?

Then join The Lifetonic Club

The Lifetonic Club is currently full and closed for enrollment.

However, you can sign up below to be notified of when we next open and I’ll also send you a special pilates workout to keep you going until then. I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to share a fresh approach to pilates so as you can feel your best every single day!

Not so sure if the membership IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

The Lifetonic Club IS for you if:

The Lifetonic Club is NOT for you if:

When you join The Lifetonic Club, you’ll get access to:

Meet your TLC Wellbeing Experts

Andrew Johnson, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

For over 25 years, Andrew Johnson has been helping people relax, change and create the lives they want through his range of self-care recordings, guided meditations, apps, online courses and workshops.

His work has motivated and empowered people across the world and helped them cope with stress, overcome anxiety or fears, break habits and achieve their full potential.

With over 17 million downloads and streams to date, Andrew’s recordings are amongst the best selling “Self-help” recordings on the Apple and Android App stores.

You’ll find Andrew in your Mindtonic Library, where you can get access to a series of simple yet powerful Guided Relaxations that you can easily slot into your day, either with your pilates workout or on its own.

Moira Newiss, BANT Registered Nutritionist

Moira helps busy professionals who are struggling with burnout and fatigue to improve their energy and get their life back. She has personally experienced burnout, anxiety and severe fatigue whilst pursuing a career as a senior manager and a business owner. She found that the right food alongside biohacking (using science to create better lifestyle habits) enabled her turn her life around and become the best version of herself.

Now having retrained as a Nutritional Therapist she helps others reclaim their energy coaching them with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to help them perform better, lose weight, feel less stressed and anxious and reach their optimum health.

Moira produces our monthly recipe bundles. All recipes are anti-inflammatory, which means they balance blood sugar levels, and allergen friendly.

Tired of not having any time for yourself?

The come and join our Club!

The Lifetonic Club has allowed me to get improve my strength and flexibility in a way that suits my lifestyle. I started pilates when I was living in Australia and would highly recommend it to anyone as it really does help bring your mind and body together. What Julie has created is truly fantastic and an easy way for anyone – including us men – to look after themselves. A great down to earth community which Julie is at the centre of. Get on the waitlist now!
Rorie Cowan
Director & Business Owner
I am so grateful for the membership – it’s like medicine. I know there will be a different work out to suit my needs (or mood!). I play ice hockey and run so pilates helps keeps me strong, which is so important as you age. I also use pilates as my ‘me time’ and TLC is what I do to look after myself in a way that’s realistic for me because I am so busy. The Lifetonic Club is a unique place – I actually can’t imagine my life without it.
Kate Gilles
Lawyer, mum, wife
The Lifetonic Club truly is a tonic! The main thing for me has been the physical benefit and a general feeling of improved strength. It has helped me sleep better and relax (especially after a day of 10 hours sitting at a desk!) and has definitely improved my flexibility. The tools in the lifetonic will really help you to live a healthy, whole life!
Claire Schiltz
Employee Engagement Manager, Small business owner, mum
If you’re looking for a fitness programme that meets you where you’re at this is it. I’ve seen drastic improvements in my posture and body awareness and my back pain is gone. I have a very stressful job and pilates really relaxes me after a busy day at work and the little tonics of wellbeing have been so useful to improving my overall health
Terri Ferris
Science & Research Portfolio Manager, Auntie.