The unseen benefits of pilates for busy people.

Let’s talk about the unseen benefits of pilates for a moment.

We hear words like strength, toning, flexibility all the time when it comes to pilates.  And whilst they are all incredible benefits, they tend to focus on the physical aspects of it.

But what about the things that are perhaps not as immediately obvious but just as important? 

Using pilates as a stress relieving tool is actually the number one reason I practise. 

After losing Dad, I learned just how stressful caring for someone can be and how important it is to stay healthy in body and mind, so as you can be the best carer you can.

Back then I wasn’t running my own business.

Since mum’s double surgery and chemotherapy, let’s just say I’m definitely experiencing some new challenges when it comes to staying on top of my stress levels.

I’m noticing that I need to work twice as hard to strike a balance between being the best support I can be for her whilst also balancing my own needs and the needs of my business as it continues to grow (I’m quickly learning it’s like having a small child!).

We all have caring roles to some degree so here are just 3 ways that pilates can you help you be the best carer for whoever needs you too (and that includes your business!):

  • Pilates helps release physical and emotional tension from your body
    Suffer from back pain?  Or maybe you’re prone to holding tension in your shoulders and jaw?  Tight and tense muscles are stressed muscles.  We also store a lot of emotion in our body; for example, in somatics, the psoas muscle is well knowns as a site that stores trauma, especially for woman.  Pilates helps you to ease tight and tense muscles by stretching and releasing them, helping you to get rid of  unwanted tension from your body. 
  • Pilates helps to slow your mind down, which can improve your thinking
    When your mind is always on the ‘go’ it means that sometimes you don’t always chose the most helpful response to a stressful situation.  In pilates you are encouraged to become present by moving your body in a slow and controlled way; a more mindful way.   In that moment, it can help create the space you need to choose how you respond to stressful events or situations in your life, rather than just merely reacting and making a situation worse. 
  • Pilates promotes the rest and digest stress response
    Breathing and movement are two proven ways you can use to regulate your stress response.  In as little as 10 minutes of movement, you can shift your entire physiology from fight or flight to rest and digest.  If you having caring responsibilities, this is an important step you can take to help prevent burnout.

I’m curious, did you know that pilates could help you in this way? 

Let me know in the comments or come and say hello over on instagram.

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